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Trench Letters August 13, 1916 My darling and loving wife Vera Words cannot describe how much I miss being in your company. I wish I could come back for just one day to see your beautiful face. This place I’m in is awful. I’m always wet with mud surrounding me and sounds off guns and artillery shooting every second of the day. At night I can barely get any sleep knowing at any moment the Germans could attack my part of the long wet, muddy trench that stretches for miles. The only thing that keeps me sane from all the shell shock, guns shooting and death is thinking of you. The trenches do get boring at times so for excitement I went on a night raid with a small group of 8 men one of the men was a friend of my name Louis Sledge who was from Quebec City. So we had orders to get as much Intel as we could. It was 1:45 am the smell of dead bodies was strong as we sneaked across no man’s land going up and over craters made from heavy artillery bombing during the day. Walking through no man’s land there were bodies scattered all over the place with limbs missing and bullet holes through all of them. We finally made it to the Germans barb wire fence that was set with tin cans all along it. We had to be careful not to let the cans bang together that would alarm the Germans, so we got the wire cut we were in the trenches of the enemy seeing that they had the same scenery as us. Our group found some maps and damaged some of their supplies, but there a German heard us and we had to start the far run for our lives back to the front line trenches. As we ran bullets were flying past us bombs were exploding all around us. I jumped in to our trench and then looked back to see the other 7 follow behind me, but 3 of them got shot 50 yards from me and one was hit with a bomb 100 yards out and my friend Louis was shot 20 yards away. I was so shocked at the sight I had just seen

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