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I am Tremaine Coutee and I’m was born February nineteen ninety two, I am sixteen. I have to brothers one named Jermaine and the other Jamor.My brother Jermaine just got out of boot camp last December . I recently live with my mother named Felicia Ellis, but my father Gregory Coutee is recently in Angola State prison. I move to Baton Rouge from Pineville Louisiana where I went to Pineville Jr. high school in late 2007.I was in the eighth grade when I move, but I felled the leap test and went to summer school and passed. I am in the tenth grade at Robert e. Lee high school. I almost fell my freshman year in high school due to getting suspended. I am an average student which I had a three point o my freshman year. I am on the basketball team…show more content…
I got my first tattoo when I was sixteen years old . I was raise up with bloods in Pineville , but I have a lot of family that stay in California. My mother was born in raise in Inglewood California and came to Louisiana in late eighty’s where she meet my dad and had three kids together before getting divorced. My father is suppose to be serving an forty year sentence. I don’t have a job yet but I plan to get one before this year is over . In my spar time I like to play basketball, party, go to the movies, go outside, 360, chill with the homies, talk on the phone , prank call people etc… I have a good attitude unless I don’t like you , good personality ,and fun to be around .My favorite rapper is Lil Wayne but I like them Texas boyz too .My favorite color is red but most people at the school know why I always wear red. I really don’t travel out Louisiana but I’ve been to California and Texas. I have family that stay in California and some family friends that stay in Texas. I would like to go somewhere over seas like china are somewhere like that. My grandma on my mother’s side has cancer and my grandpa has altimers where he attendants to forget thing a

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