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A Clear Cut Controversy Abstract The issue that is going to be discussed in the following essay will be, is clear cut logging a sustainable and efficient way to harvest timber? In this controversy there are many conservationist/environmentalists who are against the clear cut way of logging. They accuse it of deforestation and killing off the animals that lived in the forests. They believe that clear cut logging needs to be banned and should cease to be practiced. In the paper however there will be reasonable information side with the pro clear cutting side of this debate showing that it is not responsible for forest loss but that it helps the forests of the future grow and become healthier than ever. Berkley Nilles Holly Hill English 102 May/31/2011 A Clear Cut Controversy Logging in America goes all the way back to the early 1600’s. Ever since the arrival of the settlers in Jamestown in 1607 lumber has been essential to the North American Economy. In the early stages of settlement shipbuilding was the driving force behind the need of lumber, and then once the industrial revolution hit the demand increased exponentially. “By the early 1830’s, Bangor, Maine was the world’s largest shipping port for lumber, with over 8.7 trillion board feet moved out of the area between 1832 and 1838.” (Axe Men, 2011) During the 1800’s Americans headed west to find new land and natural resources. After the Homestead Act was passed in 1862 promising 160 acres to each family that made the long, hard journey west, many were tempted to claim their land that they could work and live on. The problem was that these plots of land were often heavily wooded, requiring the land to be cleared before it could be used. At the same time, the timber supply in the Midwest was dwindling, forcing loggers to seek new sources of “green gold”. (Axe Men, 2011) By the beginning of

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