Treaty of Westphalia Essay

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Name: Aayushka Pradhan Sec: A, SMSH Submission date: ESSAY ON PRE-TREATY AND POST-TREATY OF WESTPHALIA During the 15th century, the phase of early development and before the treaty of Westphalia modern states began to grow together. The growing of modern states brought two contradictory trends known as Integration process and the disintegration process. The process of integration was initiated because the feudal units were getting weaker, due to which city-states could no longer maintain their polical capability of surviving or growing. Eventually the feudal units declined because of technological progression and economics. The process of disintegration, then precedented due to the unwillingness of people to acceptance towards overarching authority. During the 15th century, there was, great influence of anarchy in Europe, which was forced by the pope and the Roman Catholic Church. People had no rights and no freedom. This genesis forced the people to secularize the politics and the authority. Therefore, The treaty of Westphalia was made, to end the anarchical political system. During the disintegration process series of incidents happened including the revolts against and eventual collapse of multinational emperies. This process prolonged resulting in the decline and fall of the Holy Roman Catholic Empire in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. This process is also referred as a cause for collapsing of the Soviet Union. Throughout this process series of treaties were made among them the treaty of Westphalia has come to symbolize those eclipse of overarching authority and the foundation of modern states. The peace treaty of Westphalia, also known as the treaties of Munster and Osnabruck, represents to the series of treaties that ended the thirty-year’s war and officially recognized the United Provinces and Switzerland. The treat was signed on October
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