Treaty of Versailles Essay

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The Following were Equally Important Reasons as to why Germany Hated the Treaty of Versailles: 1. Reparation Payments, 2. Military Restrictions and 3. Loss of Territory The Treaty of Versailles was a treaty to make peace between the nations at the end of the First World War. The total sum of war reparations demanded from Germany was around £6.6 billion, which is around £284 billion today. The reparations came in many forms, not just money. Coal, steel and agricultural products were among some of the products France and Britain demanded. The reason as to why Germany hated this was because Germany was a successful industrial nation, and to have its coal and steel production taken from them was devastating. If all the reparations had to be paid in money, then reparations of that magnitude would undoubtedly lead to hyperinflation, albeit this happened in the 1920s anyway. One of the reasons as to why coal was taken was because Germany was responsible for the destruction of many coal mines in Northern France, parts of Belgium and parts of Italy. Thus, France took full possession of Germany’s coal-bearing Saar basin for a period of time. Another reason why Germany hated the reparations was that they felt the sum was simply designed to cripple their economy and ‘starve their children’. They didn’t accept that Germany had caused all the damage, either. Finally, they hated the reparations because they had their own rebuilding work to do. They, too, had cities destroyed and had to reconstruct many destroyed parts of their large cities. The economy had been ruined, but instead of being able to put investment back into their own industry, they had to send abroad huge sums of money, which the German industry was not yet strong enough to earn. Secondly, they hated the Treaty of Versailles due to the military restrictions put in place by France and Britain. In a nutshell, they

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