The Treatment of Blacks in: The Raisin in the Sun

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Reading the book “A Raisin in the Sun” gives a little insight about how the a black family was treated in the late 50’s. Hearing a story about a black family called the Younger’s and getting an understanding about what their lives were like in the 50‘s period. The Younger’s have to face a lot of obstacles to get what they want in life. The story shows different sides of racism from where they live, what kind of job they can had, and especially their social status in life. Here is an insight on how this family was treated of where they live. First example, the Younger’s didn’t have a lot of money and everyone in the family was either working or going to school. Times were hard as is during the 50’s but for the Younger family living on the Southside of Chicago times could be just as hard or harder. This family is shown racism just by the area they live in. For one, this is a family of five living in a tiny apartment most likely only meant to hold three at most and living in a not so well area of town. The area has crime, liquor stores, and bums all around which makes the area decrease in value, plus the appearance of the area looks very poorly. The family strives to move in a well to do neighborhood and is turned down by the community not wanting blacks to move in. The community would rather they stay where they belong because the consequences of them moving in the neighborhood could be worse. There is a incident where another families home is burned down due to people not wanting blacks in the neighborhood. So showing where a family lives can say just as much about a family without words being said and that’s people don’t want change. The Younger’s are strong and won’t take no for an answer and will strive to get their dream house. Another example of racism is portrayed with what kind of jobs they have. A second example of racism would be where the
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