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In Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson incorporates many themes throughout the novel; search for heroic role models, all knowing narrators, multi-dimensional characters, and moral ambiguities that define humankind. This tale is an adventure novel but is also the story of a young boy, Jim who matures greatly. Jim is a young teenager who is very timid in the beginning but by the end has matured incredibly. He has outsmarted pirates, taken over a ship, and has saved lives all in order to achieve his goal of finding the treasure. As any maturing child does, Jim tries out various male role models. Jim’s father does not appear to be his role model because of his death in early in the novel. “He wandered a little longer, his voice growing weaker,; but soon after I had given him his medicine, which he took like a child, with remark…But as things fell out, my poor father died quite suddenly that evening, which put all other matters aside”(27). Jim’s father suddenly dies after being in a fight with an old shipmate; he then unfortunately cannot be Jim’s role model throughout the rest of the novel. One might think that a local authority figure such as Dr. Livesey would make a good role model for Jim. Dr. Livesey has a high social status in the community. When Jim found the map and key, he thinks of Dr. Livesey as he wonders what he should do with it. Squire Trelawney is another character who is like Dr. Livesey. He is another symbol of world authority. Both men however are not Jim’s role models because they do not inspire him. “I plucked up courage at once, crossed the threshold, and walked right up to the man where he stood, propped on his crutch, talking to a customer…Just then one of the customers at the far side rose suddenly and made for the door. It was close by him, and he was out in the street in a moment. But his hurry had attracted my notice, and I

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