Treadway Tires - Case Analysis

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Case Analysis of Treadway tires | Treadway Tires | BAHR 550 – Organizational Behavior | Professor Tracey Gurton | Devika Krishnadas | 10/14/2011 | | EXECUTIVE SUMMARY As a management consultant, I have been hired to assess the Treadway Tire company, assess and analyze the existing problems, and give my recommendations to deal with the problems. I looked at the organization in detail, and examined the different aspects. I found that turnover, job dissatisfaction, morale, overworked employees, and communication were the biggest issues within the company. Lack of training was also causing inefficiency. I discuss these problems and its effects. I also looked into the root causes of these problems. Finally, I gave my recommendations that could help remedy the situation. I suggested implementing a training program to improve efficiency. To improve morale and job satisfaction, I suggested having monthly meetings and giving the workers a certain amount of autonomy. Finally, I suggested using a different approach to dealing with the workers. I suggested using a more personable approach to dealing with the workers. For support, I used the Equity theory, Transformational leadership, Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation, and French and Raven’s sources of Power. TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER HEADING | PAGE | Introduction… | 4 | Existing Problems within the company | 4 | Potential Causes | 5 | Recommendations | 7 | Conclusion | 8 | References | 10 | Appendices Appendix A Appendix B | 1112 | Process Description | 13 | Introduction I am a management consultant, and have been hired to analyze the workings of the Treadway Tire Company. I have been hired to study and assess the potential and existing problems, and give recommendations as to how to prevent or solve these problems. Existing problems

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