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Treadway Tire Problem and Issue Identification Ashley Wall (Plant Director of Human Resources) cites high turnover as the foremost concern for the Lima plant. This, however, is one of several consequences of the general dissatisfaction that infects not only the foremen, but also other groups within the plant as well. The sources of this dynamic have so far been neglected, as management has tried to treat symptoms rather than the underlying causes. The foremen have a number of responsibilities that span a wide range of departments. In addition to managing the day-to-day operative productivity of the hourly workers, they must also oversee multiple social, resource, and administrative issues. The excess of responsibility is worsened by the importance placed by management on achieving productivity targets. The foremen have also expressed difficulty in dealing with groups both above and below them. A lack of authority over their hourly workers makes managing them effectively extremely difficult, while the dismissive nature of management stifles the efforts of the foremen to positively affect their work environment. Together, these factors promote the isolation of the foremen from the rest of the plant staff. The cognitive evaluations made by the foreman in response to the aforementioned working conditions leads to a variety of negative feelings towards their position, other groups in the plant, and the organization as a whole. The foremen are severely psychologically disempowered. They are unable to affect any sort of change in their work environment on any level. They are made to feel incompetent by managers who dismiss circumstantial reasonings for poor performances, and completely lack autonomy. This disempowerment is a contributing factor towards the inherent lack of affective commitment among the foremen to the organization. Despite content with compensation, the

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