Treadway Tire Essay

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Introduction Human Resource Director, Ashley Wall, needs to resolve the issues escalating at the Treadway Tire Company by conducting an analysis of the line foremen’s job dissatisfaction and implement a plan to solve it using an action research to view the problem from various viewpoints and be ready to disrupt the “status quo”. In the video Ashley reflects on the statements in Jim Collins book entitled “Good to Great” where Collins (2001) states that, “For many companies, being good at what they do actually inhibits them from becoming great at what they do” (Collins, 2001, p.55).She is determined to uncover the underlying issues with the foreman position and help get things within the plant back in perspective. Ashley plans to do this by getting those most involved...i.e. the foreman in the effort and make their concerns known (Treadway Case, n.d.). Ashley will need to submit an effective plan to resolve the issues that are faced in the plant by focusing on: 1) Key issues and mistakes 2) Key data sources and collection, and 3) possible solutions to the problems. Key Issues and Mistakes The first key relationship issue deals with the lack of respect between the general supervisors and the foreman. The job of the line foreman at Lima was a daily challenge, requiring foremen to juggle and resolve a variety of personnel, resource, and administrative issues in a 12-hour shift (Skinner & Beckham, 2008).Those in higher management seem to put all the responsibility on the foreman with little training and then expect the foremen to get it all done or be subject to "severe tongue lashing and usually threatened with a poor performance review"(p.3). The underlying mistake in this type of leadership style by higher management reflects a style of tyranny leadership. In the Critical Conversations interview Dr.Skot Beazley states that, “A tyrant is in essence somebody who
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