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Travels Last call for flight 91 headed to New York! My name John Blake I will be your tour guide through these series of events. The story to be told is about two families and one single loner. We are headed to the scene of a tragic event known as 911. Everyone has their reason for attending this trip and I’ll leave it to you to find that reason. Air fare and hotels were paid for by the families’ missionary church we all attend during different services. November 10, 2012 as I approached my seat I noticed an older women, she had gray hair, pale skin and old crow lines around her eyes. She wore ripped jeans and a long sleeved shirt with holes in it. She seemed nice but maybe this was just a cover up for what would have happened next as she gets off the plane. I noticed a diamond necklace and a new I-phone 5 peeking out of her pocket. Why would a homeless woman have those possessions this made me wonder? As I arrived at the Sundance Hotel two blocks down from where the 911 attack took place I met a father he was a kind man with a very positive attitude. I was confused on where I should be so I had a very angry look on my face this is when the kind man asked me why the angry face. He said no need to be angry let’s cheer up life is made to spend happy everyone should think happy thoughts and every time I tried to speak he would talk over me loud and positively. I noticed he had a black suit on, black dress shoes and polo slacks he was a lien man at least 5’6 in height. He had with him every time I seen him a notebook, a book written by him titled left the mighty sprit just smile. He would always find a new family to speak with asking them how they were doing and have they ever thought about what life would be like to smile every time you woke up. His son lurked in his shadow behind him following every step he made. He is a young adult around 17 years of age.

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