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for the last decades, whether it is because people are trending to more quiet and comfortable lifestyle or affordability is on point (or even a combination of the two), they have been moving to the countryside increasingly, resulting in long distance commuting to their work in the cities. Unfortunately, this leads to more traffic overcrowding and pollution to the environment. It is believed that measures such as promoting telecommuting and establishing remote offices will reduce the number of long distance commuters and therefore their impact on the environment. The first step would incentivize city-based companies to promote and mandate telecommuting within their workforce. By providing subsidies or tax breaks to companies that have a certain percentage of their employees work from home via internet and phone connection, more companies would actively facilitate telecommuting. For example, there could be a rotating schedule so that every day the numbers commuting to the office stay at a specified low number. Another similar measure would be to build small government-funded remote office hubs or telecommuting centers in suburbs outside major cities. By leasing these out to corporations based in the nearby city, the government can facilitate and further promote telecommuting. What’s more, employees in even further rural areas can commute to the outlying remote office centers, thereby reducing their commute significantly. By having the option of leasing remote work space, which could also save on expensive city office space, private companies would be more likely to promote telecommuting. In short, I am quite sure that measures such as providing monetary incentives and building affordable remote office space available to city-based companies will make telecommuting more viable. This is key to reducing traffic and its impact on the

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