Travelling by Bus or Train, Which One Do You Like Most? Essay

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As the students of university, we come from different part of this country. When we want to go home, we take a public transportation to carry us to our destination. According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, public transportation is the system of buses, trains, etc provided for people to travel from one place to another. Actually, different person has different idea of what kind of public transportation that he/she wants to choose. However, the most favorite public transportations for the students of University are bus and train. Now, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages by making a comparison-contrast essay. For the similarities, both of bus and train are land transportations, they need some money and they also have a certain place to stop, while their contrasts are the appearance and the time that we should spend to reach our destination place. Firstly, let us see the similarities. The similarities are very general that almost all people know them. Starting from the type of those public transportations, both of them are land public transportations. Nevertheless, they have special path. The path for the bus is called road, while the path for the train is called railway. The next similarity is about the money. When we are travelling by bus or train, we should spend amount of money. The money that we are spent depends on the distance of our destination place. And the last is both of them have a certain place to stop. Both of bus and train should be stopped for a while in a place named station. The bus should be stopped in the bus station and in the place named halte, while the train should be stopped in the railway station. Actually, everything in this world beside has many similarities also has many differences. Now, in my explanation below, I try to distinguish the bus and the train from some aspects, their appearance and the time that we

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