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UNIT I. TRAVELLING PART I. SPEECH PATTERNS |1. It’s common knowledge that nowadays people travel a lot. | It’s common knowledge that everybody tries to go abroad. It’s common knowledge that one should book tickets in advance. It’s common knowledge that flight is much faster than train. |2. When travelling by air you have to get to the airport early in order to check in. | You should leave earlier in order to catch the last bus. I went to the railway station in order to study the timetable. We gathered together in order to choose a route and a means of transport for our trip. My brother had to go to the railway station in order to see off his friend. (Cf: My brother had to go to the railway station for his friend not to feel lonely.) |3. There is nothing like travel by air. | There was nothing like my granny’s fairy-tales. There’s nothing like flying aboard a big liner. There’s nothing like a good piece of meat after a hard working day. |4. You may say what you like about sea voyages, but give me a walking tour any time. | You may think whatever you like, but give me fish any time. You may listen to what you like, but give me Sting any time. EXERCISES ON SPEECH PATTERNS Exercise 1. Change the sentences using the patterns. Pattern 1. 1. It’s widely known that he doesn’t remember even simple things. 2. Everybody knows that it’s difficult to get tickets in summer. 3. All people know that airliners are often cancelled. 4. Everybody knows that living in the house with low ceiling is unpleasant. 5. People know that it’s simple to catch cold in autumn. Pattern 2. 1. Put it

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