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Travelling Essay

  • Submitted by: kajto25
  • on December 1, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Topic : Travelling

Have you ever travelled to another country ? I think there are some people say “yes” and the others who say “no” will do it in the near future. So, why people want to travel? In my opinion, travel became popular nowadays because it has a lot of benefits. Today, i’m going to show you three benefits of travelling.

First, travelling helps us increase our knowledge. When we visit places in other countries, we gain a better understanding of the people living there. We learn their cultures, history and language. We discover the similarities they have with us, as well as their differences from us. It is interesting to learn from people with diverse backgrounds. To view new customs, different ways of living is fantastic for our mind. It gives us a new perspective about life and especially our life, it can helps us change some of our habits or even create new ones. Different countries and different cultures mean different dishes and different food. So, if you are a person who have passion on cuisine, travelling is really a change for you to taste food of each countries.
Second, travel is the best way to relax. Forget troubles of your life, leave all your worries behind. You are busy everyday because of your job, your school, your family. Sometimes, you are stressed and need to stop. It’s the time to travel. Travel to a new place, you don’t have to think or worry about anthing, just relax and enjoy. After that, you come back and continues your work you will feel more energize to return to work and of course, your work will have more effect.
Another benefit of travelling is making friends. Travelling will result in you meeting many people. It’s very interseting to have more friends. The chances are big that you will make friends in many countries, and some of those friendships may be for life. In the other hand, when travelling, you are constantly in contact with people. Whether they be locals or tourists, you will need them. At the first time,...

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