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Name: Rifan Herriyadi (125110100111024) Diving in Morotai and Raja Ampat for Free “Raja Ampat in West Papua, as if a small heaven fallen down in the earth.” – Agnesss Swetta Pandia. For scuba divers like me, who don’t want to visit to Raja Ampat where has more than 1,000 types of coral fish and 700 types of mollusks. The territery within the islands of Four Kings is enormous, covering 9.8 million acres of land and sea with crystal clear water softly brushes over the white sandy beaches. However, the beauty of Raja Ampat is comparable with the cost. Most people said that only very rich people can afford to visit Raja Ampat. That’s why I was shock when I got gree ticket from the ministry of youth and sport to participate Sail Indonesia in Morotai 2012. Evenmore, not just Raja Ampat that I would be visited but also Morotai Island with free cost and all my needs would be guaranted by the ministry for a month. My journey was begun from Priok Port with Surabaya 591 navyship released by Andi Malangrangeng, the ministry of youth and sport. The blue water harmonized with the blue sky as perfect gradation embellish our story of journey in the hellideck. The outbreak of sea water which was hitted by the ship create a beautiful effect when we see it in the stern of the ship. It would need about five days to reach Sorong Port. However, the journey was not so boring because we have some activities like seminar, motivation, and training with the famous motivator namely Mr. Abdul Basyit. We had so many fun games and ice breakers from him.

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