Travel to Africa Should Be Restricted (Eboli) Essay

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Travel to and from Africa should be restricted Charles M Hilbers ITT Tech Abstract On October 19, 2014, the evening news announced the return of two Poplarville, Mississippi residents from West Africa. Their neighbors expressed major concern, especially since one of them was a preacher and a school bus driver. The other one said that what should have been a lifetime opportunity for her had been spoiled by phone calls from concerned neighbors. She maintained that they had done their research and concerns over their return were unfounded, based on fear not fact (Grace, 2014). I found her attitude not only ambiguous, but self-centered and showing little concern for her friends, family, and neighbors. Living in South Mississippi myself, and in light of recent cases of travel related Ebola in the United States, I wanted to know if these concerns are truly founded or not. I used Local TV and newspaper articles, CDC website, and various articles I found on the Virtual Library to research the situation. In my opinion, based on my research, these people did not research well enough or reached a decision based on their personal bias rather than fact. My research shows that although there has not been any cases reported in Ghana, where they actually went, there have been cases in the neighboring countries of Sierra Leonne, Liberia, Guinea, Senegal, and Nigeria, with travel related cases popping up all over the world. Therefore, there is some danger of being exposed to Ebola, and in spite of expert disagreement over the risk of outbreaks outside of Africa, they all agree on one thing: control is dependent on proper handling of patients and contaminated waste and that the possibility of human error is a very real threat. This is demonstrated by the cases of Ebola that turned up in Dallas, Texas and New York. My conclusion is that any reasonable person would realize that

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