Travel Project To Cape Town Essay

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Travel Project to Cape Town One day, I will definitely be going to Cape Town in South Africa because this place seems so out of the ordinary. It seems so unique and a lot of places to visit in Cape Town look so interesting. I might go to Cape Town in a couple years, but it is a trip I will be doing without any doubt. First, I must visit the Castle of Good Hope, which is located in Cape Town in the Western Cape. It was built by the VOC between 1666 and 1679; the Castle is the oldest building in South Africa. The Castle of Good Hope replaced an older fort made out of clay and timber that was built in 1652. I mostly want to visit the Castle because of the military personnel, the various historic artifacts and artworks. A place in Cape Town that I would love to visit would be Table Mountain because it is one of the main tourist attractions in Cape Town and is located right next to Cape Town. The mountain is named because of its flat top, which is often covered by a cloud forming the “table cloth.” It is 1,086 meters above sea level. What I wanted to do is go up the mountain using the cableway to get to the top. This mountain is very unique because of the flat top, it looks like the top of the mountain was chopped off of it and was left flat. Another place I would want to go is Boulders Beach, which is located in the Cape Peninsula, near Simon’s Town. It was named this way because it is a sheltered beach made up of inlets between granite boulders. I want to see this place because the boulders a positioned in such abnormal ways and they were changed because of the waves and the wind hitting on them all the time. Another reason why this place is so unique is because a colony of African penguins that settled there in 1982. I wanted to go swim at this beach, but people are restricted to swim at beaches adjacent to the penguin colony. I would

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