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TRAVEL AGENT Job description: One of the careers I am highly considering when I grow up is a travel salesmen, for this job you need to connect with your costumers and you have to be very organized. A travel agent may arrange everything from brief, one-person business trips to month-long family vacations. Some travel agents specialize in certain types of travel, such as cruises, historical tours, sports vacations, or trips to remote places. Part of a travel agent’s job is to research trips for clients regarding dates, locations, costs of travel, and means of transportation. The agent makes any necessary travel arrangements on the clients’ behalf. This includes booking plane, train, or cruise tickets, reserving hotel rooms, and perhaps arranging car and sporting equipment rental. Travel agents also give tips on resorts, arrange travel insurance, keep up-to-date on the latest airfares, and take care of many other travel-related tasks. A travel agent provides clients with tickets, schedules, brochures, or maps, and advises them about travel insurance, necessary documentation or identification, international customs regulations, currency exchange rates, and possible health risks. Should any problem arise during a client’s trip (for example, a lost ticket or forgotten hotel reservation) a travel agent will do what he or she can to remedy it. Travel agents may also do promotional activities such as presenting slide shows to groups of people, and attending trade shows. Sometimes, agents travel to the vacation spots they are promoting, so they can offer clients first hand knowledge of those places. Usually, these trips are paid for either by the resorts they are visiting or by the tourist departments of the country where the resort is located. Working conditions: Travel agents usually work in open office settings and sit at desks with computers. They work

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