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Destination Evaluation Traveling has been my hobby since I was a child. I visited many countries and had a lot of friends over the world. The most memorable place that I still want to visit again is China. I came to China with my close friend who have experienced in China before, so I had chances to enjoy many kinds of Chinese food and visit many landmarks for only one week. It was said that “"Heaven is a place with an American house, Chinese food, British police, a German car, and French art,"” (Bower). It is a reason why that the country that passed a long history impressed me firstly by its amazing food. Firstly, Chinese cuisine is a famous dish that tourists should try anytime they visit China. The sweet hot water combined with delicious noodle and many kinds of local spices make the Chinese cuisine differ from any other food in the world (“Chinese Yummy Food Tour”). It was lucky for me that I visited China in winter that is suitable time to enjoy this kind of hot food. But if someone travels to China in the summer or in a hot day, there are still many other kinds of food that they should try. One of these is Fujan thick soup that sounds like Japanese, but actually originated from China. It was invented long time ago. It was said that Fujan thick soup was severed only for kings, queens or high-social-class people in the past. Nowadays, it has become popular and not too expensive. It will be great for tourists to enjoy Chinese food after spending much energy to travel around cities. Chinese food is completely different with any other kinds of food in the world, so it would be a pity that people don’t taste Chinese dishes when they travel to China. After enjoying the Chinese food, visitors should come to some landmarks in China. The first thing, also the most famous place, is Great Walls that was claimed that the only artificial thing can be seen from the Moon.

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