Trauma Essay

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Trauma Traumatic experiences can easily shake the base of our feelings of safety, and break our suppositions of trust. It appears that when you face betrayal by someone on whom you depend on for survival or trust deeply may create consequences close to those from the more clearly life-threatening traumas. This is called Betrayal Trauma. Experience of betrayal trauma may raise the possibility of Psychogenic Amnesia. Examples of the life-threatening traumas are physically or sexually abused children as well as Vietnam war veterans, and death of those you are most attached to or a death that has taken place in front of you. One additional aspect of exposure to trauma affects primarily the workers who help trauma and disaster victims. Watching someone endure excessive pain and problems can cause these symptoms too. And they can strongly affect the livelihoods and careers of those with extensive training and experience of working with disaster and trauma survivors. This is called secondary trauma or vicarious trauma. This may be seen in some jurors, or in other persons exposed to traumatic material. Trauma is not limited to professions where such exposures are a commonplace. The risk increases when traumatic perils are unexpected, or is around those without adequate preparation. A person who works with or is exposed to stories of many victims suffering from trauma or disaster can expect this. The way to protect themselves is basically up to them on how sensitive they are, and how well they can protect themselves at the first sign of trouble. There are three factors of risk in secondary traumatization. One is your sensitivity to their suffering. Then there is the exposure to the images or stories of multiple disaster victims. And last any emotional issues that have not yet been solved that relate symbolically or affectively to the suffering you see. Even though

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