Trapshooting Essay

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Trapshooting Trapshooting is a very fun activity to participate in. Some people say it is a sport and some say its a hobby. Most say hobby because there is not work ethic needed for it. In trapshooting, the gun is the most important thing because if nobody had a gun nobody would be able to participate. There is only one specific type of gun that can be used. The twelve gauge shotgun is that type of gun, there are many different brands of twelve gauges too. Sometimes the different brands of guns can affect the performance of a shooter. There are many different brands of guns too. Different guns work for different shooters. Some trap shooters like over and under guns, some prefer semi-automatic, some like single shot guns and most prefer pump shotguns which is the most popular gun that is used in trapshooting. Joining trapshooting is fairly simple. A hunter safety class must be taken in able to perform. Hunter safety classes are usually just a couple different three hour long classes, it is hard to fail hunter safety. In trapshooting there is a sixteen and nineteen yard line that the shooter positions themselves in each round. First the shooter and there team, which consists of five people go to the sixteen yard line and shoot twenty five times. Then move back to the nineteen yard line and shoot another twenty five times, which is a total of fifty shots. Clay pigeons are the flying targets that shooters aim to hit. Clay pigeons look like a small orange frisbee except made of clay. Trapshooting is scored by how many clay pigeons are hit out of the fifty that are shot out of the trap house. Generally a good score for an average shooter is around forty, the more experienced and advanced shooters may do as good as a fifty which is the best possible score. The trap house is a small underground building. It is made entirely out of cement that
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