Transportation Revolution Effects Essay

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The Transportation Revolution’s Impact on American Manufacturing Invention is driven by necessity. The Transportation Revolution marked a period of shifting travel technology and rapid production in America. As Americans began moving westward following the purchase Louisiana Territory, the need for cheaper means of movement of people and goods perpetrated the creation of new systems of travel. Prior to 1850, transportation was mainly by animal driven carriages. Following the shift, canals utilized the accessibility of nearby rivers, new technology, like the steamboat led to faster travel time and railroad systems then connected the gap between east and west making trade easier. This new technology allowed for new settlements and helped address the goals of America as a manufacturing nation. American industry and manufacturing was able to prosper as a result of the effectiveness of cheaper and faster transportation. Prior to 1812, America as a nation relied heavily on imports from European countries. But after the war the most pressing need economically was for a better transportation system. The shift in transportation methods was caused primarily by America’s westward expansion. Between 1810 and 1850 people began migrating westward toward the newly purchased land of the Louisiana Territory. Here land was cheaper and more fertile. Many followed the Oregon and California trails but realized that horse-drawn wagons were slow and hard to maintain. New settled farmers in the west had no way of transporting their goods to ports in the east or in the south. Also, manufacturers needed faster access to materials. . It was at this time that Americans needed more efficient transportation methods. In order for the nation to establish a favorable balance of trade, Americans needed to be connected as a whole. New systems of transportation positively impacted the nation.

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