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Some People Who Are Receiving Transplants Don’t Deserve Them? Sophie Cunningham. Between 2011 and 2012 the transplant waiting list increased by 9%. The majority of patients on the waiting list are either alcohol abusers or smokers. Meaning that they aren’t on the waiting list due to an illness, but are on it because of a self-inflicted problem. This is unfair on the seriously ill people. What we really need to question is whether or not those people who are choosing to make decision, which negatively affect their health deserve the care and support seriously ill people require. The people we are talking about are the ones who consume a large amount of alcohol each and every night and who buy a packet of twenty cigarettes not to last them seven days but instead only one day. These people are wasting the time, effort and help which doctors put in to make their lives healthier. The number of transplant is increasing rapidly. The number of people waiting for a transplant is increasing, the number of deaths whilst on the waiting list is increasing, and the number of people suspended from…show more content…
Should we be giving organs to the ill elderly with more than just organ issues? Or should we be giving organs to the younger ill people? According to the article ‘Who Should Receive Organ Transplants?’ by Paula Span, “last year, older patients represented almost 18 percent of wait-listed candidates and more than a quarter of transplant patients.” With the elderly due to pass away a lot sooner than those who are young, fit and full of potential should we not take time to categorise the age, fitness and with what transplant they are in need of. Having an organ transplant is no minor surgery. Although the cost may vary for each patient it’s still never cheap, it can cost roughly £62 million for a kidney transplant. Transplants aren’t inexpensive for a reason they are very precious things and cannot be wasted on people who don’t fully deserve

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