Transpersonal Essay

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Transpersonal Psychology 1) Transpersonal Psychology is the study of humanity’s highest potential through spiritual self-development (such a meditation), self beyond the ego, peak experiences or mystical experiences and sometimes other expanded experiences of living. It works with psychological concepts, theories, and methods with the practice of spiritual disciplines. Transpersonal psychology takes from Western psychology and philosophy, Eastern spirituality, Indigenous traditions and worldviews, and religion. Transpersonal psychology goes further than most traditional models of therapy by helping the client discover what it is they want to change, expanding their awareness and having them do their own self healing. It combines the client’s shadow (unknown parts or parts the client might repress) with normal aspects of psychotherapy. It combines forms of meditation, rituals, and the connections between spiritual experiences and states of consciousness. The word trans means “across, through, beyond or changing thoroughly”. I like the latter description best. Hopefully, while someone is participating in therapy with a transpersonal therapist, they will change thoroughly. The word personal means “individual or self”. To put trans and personal together translates into “through, beyond, or changing thoroughly the self” or “to go through the self”. Psych means the “mind, psyche or soul”. Ology is the study of something. So psychology is the “study of the mind” or “study of the psyche”. Putting it all together means the study of the mind while going through the self. Another way to look at the term transpersonal is as “beyond the mask". This refers to self-transcendence, or realizing that the self is much bigger. It is to go beyond the notion of self. A core concept in transpersonal psychology is non-duality, the recognition that each person is
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