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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم IMAM UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF LANGUAGES & TRANSLATION Prof. A. Abidi ENGLISH LANGUAGE & LITERATURE DEPARTMENT – Graduate Studies (P) Course Title: Introduction to Translation (MA-Lit. Level 1- Gr: A-P) Course ID: ENG604 Academic Year: 1433-1434 (2012-2013) Second Semester Lecture Days-Time-Room/Studio: Sun.:5-7/Studio 24 INTRODUCTION TO TRANSLATION Workshop Texts (Journalism) Arrested for Singing on Mosque Loud Speakers Riyadh – Police arrested two boys who misused the loud speaker at a mosque in western Riyadh, according to a report in Al-Watan yesterday. The boys aged 15 and 13, had managed to enter the mosque through an unlocked door while no mosque officials were around. They switched on the loudspeaker and began singing Western tunes. Shocked by the desecration of the mosque, residents in nearby houses called the police who arrived and arrested the two. arab news, Monday, October 29, 2007, p. 20. ------------------------- Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian GAZA CITY - Israeli soldiers stationed on the central Gaza Strip border with Israel shot dead a Palestinian farmer yesterday morning, paramedics and witnesses reported. The farmer was heading as usual to his farm near the border, east of Al Bureij refugee camp, when shot, the witnesses said. An Israeli army spokeswoman said soldiers patrolling the border fence spotted a Palestinian who was "crawling suspiciously" in the direction of the fence. -- DPA Khaleej Times, Tuesday, August 28, 2007, p. 16 ----------------- Woman Escapes Kidnap Attempt DAMMAM – A 28-year-old woman filed a complaint against two Saudi men who tried to kidnap her

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