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ENGLISH—ARABIC TRANSLATION MANUAL Level I by M.M. Enani The Department of English Cairo University Cairo, 2005 PREFACE This book, this Manual of English-Arabic Translation, is a course for beginners whose mother tongue is Arabic but who have learnt English as a second language for a number of years. It is a preliminary, though not necessarily too elementary, course in English-Arabic Translation : those who can read and understand English will find it a useful beginning (if they want to practise translation either as a help in their jobs or as a career). The emphasis throughout is on syntactical and morphological transformations in the process of rendering English into Arabic. The method is therefore designed to help the student translate the passages given himself / herself with the help of Arabic translation(s) of the new / difficult-to-translate words, and a full guide to the teacher who may undertake to give this course. Although addressed to the teacher mostly, my notes (appended to each passage) are also addressed to the learner. The user is therefore encouraged to read what I have called ‘exercises’ and see what he/she can get out of them. I have not confined my comments to problem words and phases, or, indeed, to how to undertake the aforementioned transformations : sometimes I go out of my way to explain a grammatical rule in English or in Arabic, all part of the well-known ‘contrastive analysis’ technique, and sometimes I point out some of the common mistakes in both languages and ways to correct them. The subjects of the passages chosen are varied enough to provide the learner with knowledge of the essential English vocabulary and 3 structures needed as a basis for further translation drills. The passages are graded in difficulty from easy to difficult and are of varied styles, too, which has given me the chance to say a word or two

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