Transitional Housing Essay

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I am going to use Winfree Transitional Services as my local business to evaluate. This is a business catering to inmates being released from incarceration who home no housing options. This is a transitional setting that deals mostly with high risk criminal offenders who are also usually sexual offenders. The components to be evaluated are: marketability, profitability, and demand. The first component is that of marketability. The marketability of a business of this caliber is not that hard to come into. This is a business where it is meeting the overwhelming need of the clientele. Marketing is a simple approach. The owner simply either contacts release officers of the potential client or by checking release dates of the potential client contacts the potential client. This is the initial contact to receiving a client. Stage two is the profitability of the business. The way this business keeps profits up is by providing increased bed space while keeping expenses at a minimum. This business has a total of six transitional houses that have an average of six bed spaces. This is about 36 beds to fill. The cost of operation of each house is about $1,200. The rent for each client is $540 a month. Each house averages $3,000 of income a month, with the cost of operation being $1,200 a month; the profit margin is $1,800. This is a good profit margin. Finally, there is the demand factor. This is a sector of business that will always be in demand. Crime will unfortunately always be a problem. The release of offenders will always have a need for placement. This need increases when the offenders are sexual offenders. There are more stringent restrictions on these offenders. This makes the demand level higher than

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