Transgenders in Miss Universe

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In the news article, Child Mortality is a key indicator not only of a child health and nutrition, but also of the implementation of child survival interventions as well as social and economic means. It caused a great deal and dilemma for the United Nations in the formulation of the Millennium Development Goals or MDG's. The causes of most under age five mortality globally are, pneumonia (18 %), diarrheal diseases, (15 %), preterm births complications, (12%), and birth asphyxia, (9 %). Under nutrition is an underlying cause in more than a third of fewer than five deaths. Basically, babies are particularly vulnerable in which the newspaper article stated that there are 40 % of deaths in children occur within the first months of life and more than 70 % in the first year of life. So, for the past ten years of struggle, the aim of the Millennium Development Goal (MDG’s), for the lessening of the child mortality has progressed due to the big drop in children under five dying, which is an overall progress in achieving the MDG 4. Since the year 1990, or the year in which the MDG goals has been formulated by Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and the United Nations Inter Agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation, the global under five mortality rate has dropped 35 % from 88 deaths per 1000 live births to 57 in 2010. That is, 12 million in 1990 progressed to 7.6 million in 2010. In another sense, nearly 21000 children under five died every day in the year 2010- and that is a good status of about 12000 fewer a day compared to the chaotic year of 1990. Moreover, the UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO), served as catalysis for change in the big drop of under five mortality rates, for the inclusion of better access to health care and immunization. In Sub- Saharan Africa where highest rates of child mortality are found- spanning from 1 in 8 children die before age 5. That

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