Transgendered In America Essay

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Transgendered in America Gender Identity is an attribute that is least understood or researched in the field of Social Sciences. Most Americans interchange the word gender and sex (also referred to as physical gender), not really understanding the definition of either. Sex is defined as primary and secondary physical characteristics, such as genitals, hair growth, menstruation, etc. Gender is defined as how our society and culture defines masculine and feminine. Gender Identity is one’s subjective sense of one’s own sex. Gender Identity is not understood and therefore these individuals are discriminated against in many ways. Some of these ways are basic human rights. Many questions linger and need to be answered. Do these individuals have certain rights? Do they have political rights, medical rights, right’s to fight discrimination? Many in American do not think so. Many see this as a mental illness that needs to be dealt with in whatever way possible. Other people think this kind of behavior is immoral and sinful. But what do young Americans think? This is the generation that has been more open to accepting gay rights, gay marriage, and even have elected some gay political figures. I am going to go out to some college campuses to find out what this generation thinks of transgendered people and their basic human rights. The same rights that these young people and any person would want. The DSM-IV says a diagnosis for Gender Identity Disorder can be made if: (1) someone has strong and persistent cross-gender identification; (2) feels a persistent discomfort with his or her sex; (3) this discomfort is not due to being intersex or hermaphroditic; and (4) the discomfort causes significant distress or impairment in their life. This book, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual or DSM-IV, is the book used by psychologists and psychiatrists to identify mental disorders.

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