Transgender Essay

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Different society in different parts of the world would have diverse kind of assumption and understanding against biology and culture and its connection with gender roles. For instance, based on my reading, I noticed that western society usually sees people's gender roles in accordance with biology, that is, biologically people are born with sexual organs making them a certain gender and giving them certain sexuality. But then, some other society suggested that gender roles and sexuality are constructed from culture rather than biology. The Polynesian, Thai and Euro-American cultures for example, believed that sexual preference is not limited to ones biological body parts and may or may not determine the gender role of any person. Sometimes, it depends on the society itself on how would they reflect and accept these matters of nature or nurture. Therefore, relating to biology versus culture, I am going to focus my opinions based on a gender issue that should not be taken for granted by our society nowadays; transsexual. First and foremost, let me describe what is actually meant by ‘transsexual’. According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of eighth edition, it is defined as a person who feels emotionally that they want to live, dress, et cetera, as a member of the opposite sex, especially one who has a medical operation to change their sexual organs. In simpler words, I would say transsexual as those whom behave and having desire more towards their opposite sex rather than their own sex. Some of these people claimed that they were actually a woman that trapped in a man’s body or vice versa. Well, it is just a lame assumption, I think. I heard many stories that this had something to do with their childhood experience too, where they were born in an all-girls family that forces them to mingle with only girl siblings and thus influencing them in every aspect

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