Transforming Your Hobby to Your Career Essay

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Topic: “THE PROCESS REQUIRED TO TRANSFORM A HOBBY INTO A CAREER.” While growing up, an individual would acquire several hobbies in which they are either good at or not so good at. Some of these hobbies are football, cricket, swimming, reading, writing, talking, sleeping and the list goes on and on. Whether you versed in whatever particular activity, you must love doing it. During my life I fell in love with a lot of different activities but the one that stood out the most was ‘dancing’. There are numerous genres of dancing; some of these are Ballroom dancing, Latin dancing. Hip Hop etc. under the ballroom dancing genre there are many sub dances, the Viennese Waltz and the Pasodoble are just a couple of them. The Salsa and the Samba are just a few of sub dances for the Latin genre. Hip Hop also had a wide range of sub dances like tap dance, fist pumping, wineing etc. My passion for dance increased with my focus mainly towards Hip Hop, particularly ‘wineing’. I started to how to listen attentively to the beats of a song in order to move my body. I discovered a good way in learning the beat of a song is, by tapping my feet. Once this was accomplished the movement of my body would follow. After tapping my feet to the beat, I started moving my head up and down in time with the beat. By now my feet were tapping as well as my head was moving. Now I started swaying my body from side to side, again keeping the movement in time with the beat of the song. As I continued with the beat, I moved my waist in a clockwise direction either faster or slower, depending on the pace of the beat. I tried wineing both fast and slow and continued to practise this numerous times. Now I have accomplished the basic steps of wineing. The next phase is learning how to

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