Transformative Counselling Encounters Pyc3705 Essay

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Transformative Counselling Encounters PYC3705 Assignment 1 (Unique Code: 248043) When I received this assignment I was quite intimidated at first, because I wasn’t quite sure of where I was supposed to start. As I am very passionate about the welfare of children in general, I thought that it would be a good idea to base my assignment on an organisation that shared my belief that children have to be cherished and cared for in order to ensure a better future for everyone. At first I thought that it might be a good idea to contact an organisation like xxxxxx, as they are well known places of safety for children and their mission of taking action for orphaned and abandoned children by building and strengthening families for them to live in and grow with love, security and respect, has always resonated with me. Then on working through the study units I felt that maybe I should rather target an organization that has a broader focus to include counselling to entire families. My research into organizations that fit this lead me to consider xxx as they offer classic counselling services that aims to help families resolve personal and inter-personal problems, select and adopt more constructive attitudes and skills of relating and to enhance people’s functioning in significant relationships and other interpersonal transactions. They also have a volunteer programme which I thought (and still do think) that I would like to become involved in. To this effect I contacted a friend of mine whom I knew worked as a volunteer at xxx some time ago. I remembered her telling me what an enriching experience she found her hours of volunteering to be at the time. During our conversation it emerged that she had started a mediation practice with her husband in the time since I had last really spoken to her, which I have to admit had been quite some time. The organisation that she

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