Transformative Counselling Encounters Essay

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COVER PAGE ASSIGNMENT 01 CGM1502 ASSIGNMENT TOPIC: CELEBRATION ASSIGNMENT DUE DATE: 22 AUGUST 2011 COURSE LEADER: Dr M E HESTENES . TABLE OF CONTENTS THE ROLE OF CELEBRATION IN LIFE AND IN CHRISTIAN WORSHIP 1.Introduction 2. Content 3. Conclusion ANALYSIS AND CRITIQUE OF A WORSHIP SERVICE 1.Introduction 2. Content 3. Conclusion BIBLIOGRAPHY . INTRODUCTION In life people find a lot to celebrate. We celebrate when we fall pregnant, when we give birth to our children, and each and every milestone they reach as they grow up. Life is a celebration itself and it is a continuous toll of celebrations right up until we stop breathing. We do not only celebrate personal events we also celebrate religious events. When our children reach their young adulthood we celebrate their rites of passage. Celebration in life and in religious worship eventually interwove in African cultures because Africans who are believers do not start any event without praying first. We pray and ask God for guidance even in traditional rituals. It is difficult to separate celebration in life from religious celebration more especially when you consider certain religious holidays which have become festive in tone, like the Easter Sunday and Christmas day. CELEBRATION IN LIFE Why do we see it necessary to celebrate our birthdays ?The life that we live has a lot of up and down turns ,living from one year to another besides other things is also a spiritual struggle. At the end of each year journeyed you feel the
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