Transformational Leadership Essay

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Transformational Leadership Leaders are known by the characterizes that recognize them as good leaders. Abraham Lincoln is considered a good leader because he exhibited many of the characteristics required of a leader, including maintaining a vision, organizing and listening to followers, and making good decisions (Boundless). There are many different characteristics and ways to deal handle the leadership. Oneof them is transformational leadership. Transformational leadership is known as a leadership approach that causes change in both social systems and individuals. The transformational leadership enhances and creates valuable and positive change in the followers with the end goal of developing followers to be leaders (Focus &Flow). Actually, leaders who use the transformation are helping staff who get transferred missions to take the full responsibilities to be able to make actions. In this essay, I am going to take my pervious manager who used to consider the transformational leadership in his actions. My pervious boss used to transfer most transactions to me. These transformational actions were not easy in the beginning, but then it became easy and enjoyable by taking actions. My boss had started to count the time on my actions. He had started to meet me every week and discuss the actions that took longer time. I also found out that he is making the action and compare it with mines. I gained lot of skills by facing many difficulties. This leadership always enhances the motivation, morale, and performance of followers through a variety of mechanisms (Harry Shade). By this way, I felt I am able to take actions and be able to get to the next step by promoting to a higher position. As per Paul Pfeffer who noted that the full range of leadership introduces four elements of transformational leadership: 1-Individualized Consideration – the leader attends to

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