Transformational Leadership Essay

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Transformational leadership is a type of leadership, which is to make the followers positive. And the transformational leaders maintain a definable set of professional and personal skills, values, and traits, have the knowledge and skills, must be dependable, think independently, politically aware of others and be able to work in terms within the health care hierarchy, and possess integrity and high moral values (Nowicki M and Summers J, 2003). This article is mainly aimed to introduce six parts of transformational leadership, including the history and the meaning of transformational leadership, the supporters, and four components of the leadership, integrity, innovation, a concept of social responsibility, other leadership models and the future prospect. At first, the authors refer to Smith, Montagno and Kuazmenko’s (2009, pp 80-91) statement ‘transformational leadership is a process of mutual exchange between leaders and followers involving reward-based transaction.’ In other words, transformational leader is a person who has been in a group, can take control of the different and difficult situation by defining a clear sight of group’s goals, a strong desire for the work and the competency to make the mates recharged and energized. The second part is to tell us the tools of helping followers by the transformational leader, including ‘clear expectations, training leader visibility and availability, ethics committee support for difficult clinical situations, a continuous quality improvement (CQI) process and human resource support systems’ (John D and Rudnick Jr, 2007, pp37). Then, the following part is just the mapping of transformational concepts, which are intellectual stimulation, individualized consideration, inspirational motivation and idealized influence. Moreover, the authors also refer to the integrity, which is the foundation to build the

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