Transformation Counselling Essay

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PYC 3705 Assignment 1 Transformative Counselling Encounters Janri Koegelenberg Student no: 55098002 CMR Middelburg Mpumalanga – Songo Village Living in the out skirts of Middelburg, Mpumalanga in a small local South African village named Sango Village (Laersdrift) lives a bright young teenager, Jacky Mtsweni. She is 16 years old and has 3 brothers i.e. 2 older and 1 younger. Her mother, Sophie, has been taking care of her and her 3 siblings since she can remember as her father abandoned her family when she was only 2 years old. As her mother was an only parent with high moral values she was renowned in the local community for being very strict. Additionally Sophie always promised that she will do everything to give her children a good future. Although she felt this way, Sophie didn’t have high hopes for the boys as they were constantly in trouble and did not always see the value in education. However, in the case of Jacky she felt good and always thought that Jacky will grow up to become a young lady with a steady job and a respectable family. The village that they were living in housed approximately 200 people of which minimal had work or any form of income. This made the living conditions very poor. In later years Jacky explained that she can still remember the poverty that she experienced. She and her 3 siblings had to share a mattress in a shack. She can remember the smell of the smouldering wood in the early morning as the majority of the people cooked “pap” to the feed their families. “pap” being the general meal of the day including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Although this was a harsh environment to grow up in Jacky still enjoyed playing with her friends in the afternoon and spending time with her family. This was mostly the case, however, Jacky was never discouraged by her circumstances. She had always seen the wealthy people in Middelburg and

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