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Abstract Cutting cost, bringing innovation, improving productivity, delivering SLAs are some of the buzz words in any project. Question is, how do we do that? Do we start assessment from scratch to answer some of these questions? What additional efforts to be put in? Do we have enough data to validate? Are there any aids to perform any of these activities? With available data and tools portfolio analysis, assessment and recommendation can be obtained during transition and steady state. Support from stakeholders and management is imperative to overcome these challenges. Challenge (Business case): Although transformation projects are budgeted in many accounts, only few of them take off. Projects are mostly engrossed in sustain activities like delivering SLAs, managing work force, attrition, deadlines etc. Least priority is given to transformation, though there are higher chances of finding major pain points and resolutions if transformation activities are carried out. Solution: Accounts can use methods & aids recommended by transformation team - application portfolio assessment, ITIL assessment, ticket analysis, tools assessment, technology questionnaire, Industry best practices, linking other SAP accounts with similar experiences. Based on the assessment and recommendations delivery model can be refined and SAP support performance can be improved. Implementation of Next Gen tools implementation can help reduce the pain areas. Case Study – Industrial sector Post transition, transformation was carried out on Coke SAP sustain phase. IBM support covers BIW, HR, PP, APO, ABAP, XI, WF, Portal support. Priority tickets 0 & 1 across shifts A, B, C considered for assessment across various modules. Ticket analysis tool and ITIL assessment tool were used to help provide results. During the study it was seen that most of the Priority 2 tickets fell under BIW &

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