Transfer Of Power Book Review

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Transfer Of Power The action adventures of Mitch Rapp special operatives agent for the CIA. The book Transfer of Power is a fictional story about the White House being taken over by terrorists. This book was written by the author Vince Flynn. Most of this story takes place in Washington D.C. The Main Character of this story is Mitch Rapp, he is a special operatives agent for the CIA. Irene Kennedy is his boss, there are many other less key characters who play roles on both sides (terrorists and Americans) Rafique Iziz is the antagonist of this story being the leader of the terrorists. This story starts with Mitch in Iraq trying to capture Fara Harut who is a terrorist who had been working with Rafique Iziz. From Fara Harut they are told that Rafique is going to attack the White House. They react as fast as they can but are too late, Rafique Iziz captures they White House. But the president manages to escape to a vault, so now Rafique is trying to buy time so that he can drill into the vault and capture the president. Rafique demands that America give him the money that they had obtained after the victory over a small country which he believes should go back to the people and he believes he can represent them. They now have a major situation on their hands because the money he wants is 14 billion dollars. And he will start killing the hostages he has if they don't transfer the money, he has 90 hostages and he will start killing them one by one. While the bureaucrats try to make their decision Mitch Rapp prepares to for the inevitable which is that they will have to attack and their is a chance some hostages will die, but something needs to be done, and Mitch Rapp is the man for the job. Transfer of power is a great book. I like action... well anything action movies or books. This book was a very good thrill ride of an action book. But it also had lots of
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