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We all have our own ideas of what our lives are going to be like. So realizing that what you thought you wanted is not what you expected is disappointing. Deciding to make a big life change is scary. But what is even scarier? Regret. I need to “move out of [my] comfort zone. [I] can only grow if [I am] willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when [I] try something new.” This change will not be a regret, yet it will be a gift to my future. Allowing me to progress and move forward. The stressful choices I make will end up being the most worthwhile. As any new coming college freshmen, I was excited to start off the new school yea and to get the full college experience. I was excited to be moving far away. Eager to experience a new culture and environment. I was mostly thrilled to live on my own. However, now that I am here at this university, I cannot say that all of my optimistic ambitions for my freshmen year have been fulfilled. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” If this is true, then I need to take that step and make a change with my education path in order to reach my full potential and be in the environment that will be the best for pursuing my career. Attending school at UPenn has made me come to terms with just how much my education is costing. Paying out of state tuition is causing money pressures as well as with all the flight costs adding up. I would like to take full advantage of instate tuition. Recently, I have discovered an interest majoring in business, especially entrepreneurship in which my school does not offer a program for. I need a school that can offer that for me. The main reason for my want to transfer is the social situation. The culture at this college turned out to be the opposite of what I wanted. This school is mostly a commuter school, leaving not many people on campus. I want a more

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