Transcendentalism: Most Successful People In The World

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Transcendentalism Essay In today’s society, the most successful people are not usually the most likeable and popular. They also don’t do the usual things that are expected from average people, whom are not successful. This special quality makes them stand out in the world. Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, “To be great is to be misunderstood”, which shows that the great, successful people in society may not fit in. To be great, people must be hard working, have good work ethic, and not care what others think of them for their actions. People that are successful in life have a special secret that got them to where they are. That secret is to being hard working. Hard working means that people consistently are doing…show more content…
King wasn’t great just because he was a hard worker, but also because he did what he did for the right cause. People can be hard working, but they also have to have good intentions for their actions. If people don’t work toward the right causes, the entire society may suffer as a result. An example could be that a student gives his/her lunch money to a donation to buy poor people food. That student may suffer for that day in school, but the money he/she donated will feed a hungry person that may not have eaten in days. That student probably would feel great about himself, and other students would see that. Other students may also do the same thing as the first student to get the same feeling of doing the right thing. That one student now influenced many others to follow in his/her steps to promote a good cause. When people do things for the right reason, others may think less of the people working toward good causes. People making important decisions should not care what others think as long as the right decision is made for the right reasons. Dr. King did what he thought was right for equality, which in the end cost him his life. He didn’t care that many white people disliked him for his outspoken beliefs. This quality clearly distinguished him as a great person and leader because he was willing to put his life on the line to get his dream to become a
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