Transcendental Reflective Essay

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Angela Campbell Blue 1 Mrs. Ertel AP English Transcendental Reflective Essay In the writings of Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson the reader can see a large difference between the two writing styles and their meanings about nature and life. In today’s day and age, many people do not see the beauty Thoreau and Emerson wrote, but the materials in life. Hardly anyone notices the beauty of nature or the solitude it has to offer ones self. Many people are concentrating on the items they hold dear to them such as; phones, ipods, cars, money, and the type of clothing one wears. But Emerson and Thoreau both have looked past the materials in their lives and took it upon themselves to live independently, spiritually, with solitude, and without the materials, but the bare minimum in life. Emerson, the man that had made his life without luxury, as he lived in the woods away from the population, he began to find out what life was meant for and why he was placed here to see it, without the materials that were extra in his life. Emerson had talked about building a home from nothing more than his own hands and nature itself. Thoreau had been an anti-materialist as well as Emerson. When Thoreau read Emerson’s writing he began to live that life himself and started to build his home. It was nothing more than a shanty, that barely kept the rain and cold winds out, but he took what he had and turned it into a beautiful one room home where he lived a life that he only done what needed to be done nothing more. Both men wrote about living a life without materials, but Thoreau himself takes the writing and turns it into a life for him. By taking this adventure in life he could see what life had to offer, what he could offer, and what he wanted in his life. I myself seem to be a materialist, because I like to have the items that today have to offer in life. Although I
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