Transcanada Pipeline Research Paper

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TransCanada Pipeline Goal: Gain approval to begin construction of the TransCanada Pipeline Objectives: raise awareness of United States citizens as to why the TransCanada Pipeline is the right choice for the country. Tactics: Create an information website. Create social media campaign. Use television ads. Audience: The average American who is either undecided or uninformed on the TransCanada Pipeline. Also, those who are opposed, yet lack a solid understanding of the benefits that the Pipeline can bring the country. Tactics: Website Create an informative website highlighting the benefits of approving the TransCanada Pipeline, through the alternate route around the Ogallala Aquifer. Post fact-based information detailing how…show more content…
Review if website and social interactions increase throughout the campaign Poll Americans through a series of phone interviews, website polls, and direct mailing at the beginning and throughout the campaign to understand it’s reach and impact Approve the TransCanada Pipeline through the alternate route The TransCanada Pipeline would lead to economic growth for America and affected states * The construction of the Pipeline would lead to a “construction boom,” bringing a minimum of 6,000 and maximum of 20,000 high-wage manufacturing and construction jobs to Americans. * The project will create an estimated 118,000 spin-off jobs for local business, restaurants, and hotels catering to the needs of TransCanada * Over time, it is estimated that the project will bring over $20 billion to the U.S. economy, including $5.2 billion in property taxes to states along the pipeline routes throughout the estimated operating life of the pipeline.

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