Transactional Theory Essay

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Task 1 Research Topic An investigation on Level 1 commerce student attendance at CTI Cape Town campus in the new technology environment. Introduction CTI Education group, a member of Pearson International, operates 13 Higher Education campuses in all the main urban centres of South Africa. CTI offers contact classes and students are expected to attend all contact classes. The research project resonates from issues surrounding poor attendance and poor student performance at the Cape Town Campus. Background The CTI Cape Town campus has witnessed an increase in absenteeism during the past two years. After a string of mediocre performance from recent student intakes, there is obvious concern that the phenomenon might negatively affect the throughput rates. Incidentally increased absenteeism has ensued under the backdrop of increased use of a learner management system (LMS). In efforts to improve the quality of learning, CTI rolled out tablet computers three years ago to all students and subsequently introduced a LMS. Class attendance at Higher Education has been linked to higher pass rates (). The literature suggests that undergraduate students who spend more time in the classroom perform better academically than students with high rates of absenteeism. Class attendance has been identified as one of the best predictor of university grades than any other known predictor of academic performance. Information available from the university database on both attendance and performance clearly show a correlation and on face value, all students must attend all lectures. Rationale Whilst numerous reasons for absenteeism have been identified (Hidayat, Vansal, Kim, Sullivan, Salbu, 2012; Shapiro, 2009), there has been vague implication of the learning management systems. It is also too simplistic to link poor student performance to absenteeism as the
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