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30/09/2012 Home Prometric Centers Contact Us Subscribe Advertise TechBreaths Transaction Management in Spring Framework Subscribe: Posts | Comments JavaBeat All Categories Java / J2EE Java Java 7.0 Java 8.0 Servlets JSP EJB JMS JCA Java FX Web Frameworks JSF Spring Struts GWT XML Technologies XML Tools & IDEs ANT Eclipse NetBeans Log4J JUnit RIA Flex Web Servers JBoss Tomcat Internet Web 2.0 Web 3.0 Scripting JavaScript Search Transaction Management in Spring Framework August 28, 2010 Spring MVC « Page 1 » Introduction Transaction management is critical in any form of applications that will interact with the database. The application has to ensure that the data is consistent and the integrity of the data is maintained. There are many popular data frameworks like JDBC, JPA, Hibernate etc.. and Spring Framework provides a seamless way of integrating with these frameworks. In this article, we will see how Spring Framework leverages the transaction management capabilities with a plenty of examples. This article covers Programmatic as well as Declarative way of managing transactions. The final section of the article is about achieving transaction management through annotations and AOP. The readers of this article are assumed to have a basic understanding on core Spring Framework. If you don’t have the basic knowledge on the Spring Framework, please read the articles listed in the following section. Transaction Management in Spring Framework Example Code Transaction Management in Spring Framework Example Code (Download) Transaction Management without Spring In this section we will see how an application tends to manage transactions. We will develop an application which will provide a service to book a movie ticket. The domain objects User, Account and MovieTicket are involved. An User can book a Movie ticket in which case the amount

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