Traits of Character, Which Attract or Don’t Attract Me in People.

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During our life we get in touch with many people. We all know a password: “So many characters, so many people“ and it is really true. Character is the most important thing in a person, which attracts or don’t attract other people. Each of us has his or her good and bad features of character, but some of them come to the fore that’s why we can say: “He is a bad man, because he is rude or impatient. And he is a good man because he is courageous, generous, kind-hearted. I have many friends and a lot of acquaintances and they are all different. Some of them are very kind-hearted and friendly some are not so kind but they are devoted friends and always help me, but they can be very cold or indifferent to other people. Also some features have a double nature, for example modesty or diligence. Modest people are usually polite, quite, but sometimes they tend to be too reserve. Diligent people can become obstinate. As for me I like devotedness, wittiness, kindness, friendliness in people. I think that there are two sorts of kind people. The first sort is really kind-hearted people who are always ready to help all people in the world no matter what social position they have The other sort who only try to look kind and friendly. But they are friendly only with people whom they are interested in. I hate such people because you don’t know if they are really good or only want to look friendly and I cannot trust them. A lot of things can change a person’s character. If you are a kind man and you have grown up with rude, cruel people you can become alike them or a bad man can become kind. Every character is formed by the society. Also I believe that Signs of Zodiac influence one’s character. Each Symbol has own features common for all people born under this symbol. For example I’m Libra, and my Horoscope says that in there are two persons in me. But I also believe that everyone can

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