Training Your Guinea Pig Essay

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Litter Box Training Guinea pigs can also be litter box trained. However, it is not always reliable. Sometimes they will use a litter box and sometimes they won’t. Place a litter box in the spot in the cage where it goes to the bathroom most often. Put a handful of hay inside the box, along with a few fecal pellets. When you see your guinea pig use the litter box, give a treat as praise. Ignore mistakes it might make, but reward when your small pet when correctly using the litter box Sit Up And Beg Guinea pigs can also be taught to sit up and beg. Sitting up is a natural behavior for guinea pigs. Offer your small pet a treat by holding your hand above its head and when it sits up, give it the treat. Add a verbal command once it responds by sitting up consistently, and eventually, your guinea pig will sit up when you tell it to, waiting for a treat. Come When Called Guinea pigs can be trained to do simple commands using food. You can teach your small pet to come when called by saying its name and then giving a treat. Do this repeatedly until you notice your guinea pig looks at you when you say its name before you give a treat. Next, say its name and hold out the treat from a few inches away and wait for it to come to you. Be sure to give a treat and praise your small pet. Gradually move farther and farther away when you call its name, always offering a treat once it comes to you after you have called its

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