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Training session for strength. • Warm up – • Pulse raiser- game - domes and dishes equipment – cones Rules of the game - Domes place their cone on the ground the right way up and the Dishes place their cone upside down. In one minute, the Dishes have to turn as many cones as possible upside down and the Domes have to turn as many as possible the right way up. At the end of one minute, count which team has won. Repeat 3-4 times. • Stretches – Dynamic stretches Neck mobility - Go from left ear to left shoulder, then right ear to right shoulder, repeat 10 times. Then tuck your chin inwards and then point it towards the ceiling, repeat 10 times. Shoulder circles - Raise right shoulder towards right ear then rotate it backwards, repeat 10 times then switch and repeat with the left shoulder. Arm swings - Swing both arms forward in a controlled movement, repeat 10 times then swing arms backward. Side Bends - Lean sideways and slide your right arm as far down your leg as possible then do exact same with left arm, repeat 10 times for each arm. Hip circles and twist - Rotate hips clockwise, repeat 10 times then repeat anti-clockwise. Half squats - Get into a squat position but only bend 45 degrees, repeat 10 times Leg swings - swing right leg toward left hand and vice versa, repeat 10 times. Lunges - from standing position lunge forward with right leg then return to standing position repeat this 10 times for both legs Ankle bounce - Lean against the wall and put all weight onto your toes, bounce rapidly, repeat 10 times. Main session Lower body Jump Squats with a pause in the squat position - 3 sets of 8 reps to perform this exercise, move down into a full squat position and then explode off the floor, jumping as high as possible. Upon landing, move back down into the squat position, stopping halfway down to pause for a count of

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