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* * Personal Training Paper Personal Training Paper After analyzing my person exercise habits that I would like to have I was able to relate it to volume, intensity, and frequency. I will describe the habits I would like to incorporate into my personal training. Then I will explain how locomotion movements, nonlocomotion skills, and object manipulation skills needed to be taken into consideration when planning a program and which movements and skills I would like to include in my personal training. Next, I will explain how each energy system can be affected and which ones maybe more prevalent. After this I tell about the units of exercise, time it will required to enhance my adaptation and the impact the exercise has it relates to aerobic power. While explain relationship between the time I need to train, and the time I need to allow my body to regenerate and rest. Finally I will identify potential issues when developing motor skills from my exercise habits and list any additions to my training program that will enhance fitness. * Exercise Habits My exercise habits involve Military training, playing with my daughter and several games of volleyball or basketball when my friends and I get together. This is not the consistent routine I would like it to be. Have drill once a month which guarantees me two days of training each month. The rest of the month is packed full with my other four jobs I have. If I was able to have an hour of down time I would love to follow the P90X serious everyday with Sunday being a day of worship and rest. * Movements and Skills A good training program would include locomotion movements, non-locomotion skills, and object manipulation because locomotion movements help to get your heart rate up. Non-locomotion skills are great for stretching and balancing. Object manipulations are great to use in a training program

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