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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Businesses rely on effective Human Resource Management (HRM) to ensure that they hire and keep good employees and that they are able to respond to conflicts between workers and management. HRM specialists initially determine the number and type of employees that a business will need over its first few years of operation. They are then responsible for recruiting new employees to replace those who leave and for filling newly created positions. A business’s HRM division also trains or arranges for the training of its staff to encourage worker productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction, and to promote the overall success of the business. Finally, Human Resource Managers create workers’ compensation plans and benefit packages for employees. HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT MEANING & DEFINITION: Simply put, Human Resources Management (HRM) is management functions that helps managers’ recruit, select, train & develop members for an organization. Obviously, HRM is concerned with the people’s dimension in organizations. We quote three definitions of HRM. But before quoting the definitions, it is useful to point out the essentials which must find their place in any definition. The core points are: 1. Organizations are not mere bricks, mortar, machineries or inventories. They are people. It is the people who staff & manage organizations. 2. HRM involves the application of management functions & principles. The functions & principles are applied to acquisitioning, developing, maintaining & remunerating employees in organizations. 3. Decisions relating to employee must be integrated. Decisions on different aspects of employees must be consistent with other human resource (HR) decisions. 4. Decision made must influence the effectiveness of an organization. Effectiveness of an organization must result in betterment of services to

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